The Secret Of 15

Most of us live busy lives. Maybe we’ve got spouses, kids, and commitments at church. When I first introduce the idea of reading technical books to the geeks that get stuff done for me, it’s pretty common to get a response involving not having time. I get it. Let’s move on to the secret of […]

Technology Chasers

Bad Behavior Loop Being in a technology field, the advice I’m about to give makes me feel kind of dirty, but it’s one of the easiest ways for developers to stop wasting time.  Stop changing technologies!  Or more to the real point, changing technologies is expensive – both in dollars spent and in developer time.  Unfortunately, in my […]

Geek On A Mission

The Big Idea From industry research, we know that there are programmers out in the tech world producing code around 20x as fast as some other programmers with the same number of years of experience.  Being around programmers all the time, I’d say that 20x is low when you factor in more than just the typing component. […]