Geek On A Mission

Geek Mission

The Big Idea

From industry research, we know that there are programmers out in the tech world producing code around 20x as fast as some other programmers with the same number of years of experience.  Being around programmers all the time, I’d say that 20x is low when you factor in more than just the typing component.  Finding these guys is a huge challenge, which means they’re likely to be worth their weight in gold (my weight in gold is currently around $3,002,624 USD).

If you haven’t gotten to 20x geek status just yet, tone down your OCD freak out for a sec.  I’ve got good news.  Nobody starts at that level.  After almost 15 years in IT, I’m more convinced than ever that dev speed is more about intentionally spending time practicing than a nerd-gift bestowed at birth.

Faster && Better

To be clear, I’m not going to be advocating pushing out lower quality code.  Actually, studies have shown that those who program faster end up producing higher quality code.  That means code that’s less buggy, more performant (yes, that’s really what we call it even if spellcheck doesn’t agree), and easier to read.

Foreign Languages

I’ve used mainstream languages like .Net and Java, so examples are likely to be in one of those.  Quick warning though, I’ve also started to pick up programming for Salesforce and Dynamics, so I reserve the right to use whatever I’m in the mood for at the time of post creation.

Ready For Takeoff

I’m excited to start, and hope you’ve got your seatbelt strapped on.  Let the techno-blogging begin.


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